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Mussels in Minutes // Edition 39
Fresh PEI Mussels are farmed, processed and shipped to North American destinations all year long. That includes during our warm Island summers, and our not-so-warm Canadian winters.

To continually bring the best to your plates year round, our PEI Mussel Farmers harvest mussels even when our waters are covered with winter ice.
  • Ice conditions are monitored daily to ensure only the safest of harvesting conditions
  • Mussel lines are marked with ice-poles or GPS markers so they can be found under the ice
  • If the ice is covered with snow, the snow is pushed away by trucks with plow blades to reach ice level
  • Growers then use chainsaws and special blades on saw bikes to cut through the ice
  • With the ice safely cut, the mussel lines are hauled up through the ice by portable winches
  • Mussels are cut by hand from the long line and stored in insulated plastic containers that protect them from possible wind-chills
  • Sleds with filled mussel containers are hauled over the ice back to the shore and processing plants for cleaning, grading, debearding, packaging and shipping


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Contest closes March 24, 2017.
PUB Inspired recipes for St. Patrick's day
Nothing 'mussels' up St. Patrick's Day than a plate full of PEI Mussels! When planning what you might cook up as part of the Irish fun, try one of these NEW RECIPES! Quick, easy, and oh-so tasty, you'll be more than happy that you've discovered a pot of mussels as opposed to a pot of gold.

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